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Kahbi alvida Naa Kehma (Never say Goodbye)

Or: Goodbye cannot come soon enough.

I'd go into detail at explaining why this all star film of a good family turned out so poorly. Mostly has to do with concept and charters. I don't care about unworkable relationships and half affairs, its fifty shades of passive aggressive abuse (fifty shades of Puce?) The obligatory stupid half hour lasted for four, and with the exception of three songs/dances the entire film, just dragged on like a migraine, or a toothache. SRK was simply rude without his regular, heart of gold revelation leaving him stranded at the bottom of a pit trying to act his way out and getting no where. Mukherjee, was flat and concerned, not a strong or conflicted female charter, but treated as chattle by her husband and her lover. They can do so much yet were so fettered. Poor souls.

Got so bad I resorted to reading the backstage badger blog. When you cannot hold the attention of a sap such as myself you know you've done wrong, Johar. Kept looking up at music changes. Are they together? yes. Are they still together? No. Is the affair about to be disclosed? Yes. Yawn. Oh! Too true Badger! Too true! Hee-hee.

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