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Knots Everyone Should Know

Or: "Heart" is a great power

Or perhaps: The Perfect People.

By and Concerning Emma Pardini and Ashley Nguyen. Directed by Ellen Abram

As often as I am wowed by the theater (and I am, every time) I must concede that very few theatrical tricks are as fascinating as watching someone actually do something, in real time with real effort. And as a frequenter of Storytelling festivals I know that NOTHING is more powerful than someone sitting down across from you sharing a weighted, personal story that means much to them and to you and to all people in all times.

Because Knots is still a tangled and organic creature I will refrain from describing or prescribing or codifying what Nguyen and Pardini bring to us. I shall say that it is a discussion of Friendship (the deep sort) and Family and being there for your fellows, in ways great and small. Its kind of strange and you'll have to sit up close to catch what goes on, but wait out the banter and you will be treated to that rarest of gifts: stories given in honesty from the heart. Stories told with courage, a no small pinch of pluck.

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